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Pelagic Projects caters for reptiles, invertebrates and amphibians. Each species have extremely specific needs, for which we can  install, maintain, and create the correct environment for them the thrive. 

Bespoke Vivarium's and Tortoise Tables

It can be a very difficult process to find a suitable pre-built accommodation for larger species such as an adult tortoise, or fully grown iguana. Therefore, pairing practical construction skills with expert knowledge, we offer bespoke, custom made vivarium and tortoise tables to suit your specific requirements. We would love to work with you on your fabulous creations.

Bioactive Enclosures

Bioactive enclosures create a tiny ecosystem which allows us to offer an environment as close to an animals natural habitat as we can reasonably provide, with the added bonus of being low maintenance they are once fully set up. By adding appropriate sediment layers for drainage, dense planting, and natural materials, your reptile or amphibian is sure to thrive in their beautiful naturalistic environment.

Repairs and Installations

Pelagic Projects can take the stress away for purchasing your new pet reptile, by setting up the whole enclosure, fully catering to the specific species' particular needs. We also help with any vivarium or tortoise table repair needs.

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