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Design and Installation

Beginning with a complementary consultation, we will chat through your specific design goals. Whether it be a modern, inspirational koi pond, or a smaller home for wildlife, we welcome all styles and proportions. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through this decision making process. from the perfect siting, to plant planning.

On accepting our quote, we will get you booked in as soon as we can so you can begin watching your design materialise day by day. Pairing through and varied construction experience, with passion and acute attention to detail, we will be sure to create an area you will be trilled to spend time around.

Wildlife Ponds

With a considered approach to the design and creation, a pond can become a beautiful haven for nature. 

From newts to dragonflies, a variety of wildlife can be encouraged and nurtured with the installation of a wildlife pond.

Preformed Ponds

We stock a range of plastic and fibreglass ponds which can be installed either sunken or risen and integrated into the garden to a high standard. 

Preformed ponds are perfect for goldfish and wildlife.

Koi Ponds

When thinking about ponds of style and grace, we often think of serene koi ponds. Although a pond needing careful considerations, this is an area capable of bringing enthusiasts a really special hobby.

Wetland Areas

Many homes across the UK contain natural wetland areas, comprising of saturated soil and slow or stagnant water.


Sustaining a beautiful wetland area can seem a daunting process, but we can help turn a boggy disaster, into a maintained refuse for diverse habitats.

Bespoke Creations

Have a dream design in mind?

Pelagic Projects has the construction experience to create a completely custom area to be enjoyed for years to come.

Complete with fountains, lights and quality fish, every detail will be explored.

Cleaning and Maintenance 

We understand that looking after a pond can be a time consuming process, and we are here to help spread the load!


Whether your pond has algae, blanketweed or is hardly recognisable of containing any life at all, we have the tools and knowledge to tackle any challenge! 

Pelagic Projects can give your pond a full deep clean, or provide regular ongoing upkeep. We have the tools and knowledge to keep your pond sparkling, and your fish in an ideal environment.


Signs of degradation or the pond not holding the desired level of water may be a sign that your liner needs replacing.

This can seem an invasive process, but we can get things back in top shape in no time. After securing your fish in a holding pen and draining the water, we use quality liner to re-secure the area. After ensuring the fish are reacclimatised, we will leave you to enjoy your secure pond, with the added bonus of a full water change!

Pumps and Filters

Pelagic Projects provides a range or services for pump and filter issues.


We offer a full service, in which the filter box will be opened up, and every part thoroughly cleaned out. We also install new equipment and carry out repairs where possible by ordering and fitting replacement parts. 

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