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Pelagic Projects has great experience and understanding of aquatic life and provides service and advice for Marine, Tropical and Coldwater aquariums. Working with our bricks and mortar store, we are able to fulfil your needs quickly and efficiently, with quality products to hand.


Aquariums are very delicate environments that need a lot of care and consideration to sustain.


Whether you are a keen hobbyist that needs help with a repair, or taking care of your tank while you are away. Or whether you would like us to take routine care of your aquarium so you can spend time admiring it, we offer a range of maintenance services to suite your specific needs.

  • Water changes

  • Algae removal

  • Plant maintenance

  • Pump and filter cleans and repairs

  • Water testing 

  • Emergency work

  • On-going routine visits, or one off

  • Treatments


Pelagic Projects provides complete aquarium fitting service.


We have a variety of tanks in store at Pelagic Aquatics, Matfield, at a range of capacity, design and budget. Once chosen, we can then assist with fitting everything it needs, from pump to substrate, as well as develop your aquascaping design choices.

We are also able to order and fit bespoke custom aquariums for the aspirational statement tank.

Aquarium Relocating

Moving house can be a very stressful time, and thinking about the logistics of transferring your aquarium from one place to another can only add to this pressure. We are happy to diminish this stress and take care of everything on the day of your move, from draining the tank and securing your fish, to transporting everything to your new home, and finally setting up the aquarium in its new location.


Having beautiful fish that work seamlessly together in an aquarium is a goal we can certainly help you tick.

Our bricks and mortar store Pelagic Aquatics stocks a beautiful variety of tropical, marine and cold-water species which we are able to selectively choose, and transport to your aquarium.

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